Save the Date for the 8th Grade Celebration!

Friday, June 5th, 2020

5:45pm - 8:00pm

WMS Cafeteria/Gym



In an effort to create an event that can be enjoyed by the largest number of 8th graders, as this is a celebration for them of the culmination of their time at WMS, we have created the Celebration. What makes ours different than every other middle school in Frederick County is, besides having a DJ and dancing, we will also have a photo booth for instant photo memories, pizza, popcorn and water, plus games for kids to play for those who don't like to dance or who may just want a break......all free. Since this event is for and about the 8th grade class, we wanted to take into account the diverse student population we have and create something for everyone.

We choose not to call ours a “Formal” simply because it implies one must dress up in order to attend. We would be excluding many students who either aren't in a position to purchase formal wear, aren't comfortable with dressing up or simply do not want to dress up. By having a "Celebration", students are able to dress how they want, whether it be jeans, shorts, a uniform because they just finished a game (this has happened in the past) or formal clothing. As long as students adhere to WMS and FCPS dress code policy, they may wear whatever they are most comfortable in.